A New Venture Begins

A few years ago, I started writing little critiques on Facebook of any movie I have seen or a book I finished reading.  I would refer to it as my schtick.  I actually found to be a bit of a compulsion as time went on.  I have had it suggested that I should start a blog doing that, and so I think I needed a new hobby that could lead to somewhere profitable if I put the time into it. Even if it just remains a hobby that I do for free, that’s okay.  I still have a real job.

One vision for this blog is to share my thoughts on various films I see for the first time. Although I see a lot of current films, there will also be some older movies that I have not seen.  Some of them I should have seen.  For example, I have yet to sit through “The Godfather”.  I will do so one day, I promise. Some movies may be those one would think I should have seen, but I likely won’t.  “Gone With the Wind” falls into that category. I am likely only going to sit through that in the company of a pretty girl and a decent stock of liquor.

I will also be reviewing any books I have read for the first time.  Most of the books I read are by current authors, however I have been making more of an effort to explore the classics as well. I tend to lean toward mysteries, thrillers, and occasionally science fiction. I am known to indulge in Star Trek novels which are also fair game for this site.

I am also an avid fan of the British program Doctor Who. Not only do I watch the television episodes, I collect the audio dramas released by Big Finish Productions and BBC Audiobooks. Those will be included in this series at times.

Hopefully, this will be a satisfyingly eclectic collection of thoughts and musings of aspects of pop culture that I enjoy.  There will be plenty of material involving more mainstream and familiar entertainment, but it will be mixed in with some lesser known works that may have been enjoyed long ago.

I will also likely write blogs commenting on pop culture news. For example, if the new James Bond is announced once Daniel Craig leaves the role, I will likely share whatever thoughts and reactions to that here.

This blog will be something I will be adapting and evolving as time goes on and I get more practice in expressing my views in hopefully a more eloquent manner .  I appreciate anyone who is willing to continue reading this and offer some feedback.

Once again, I want to reiterate that I will be writing about only what I have read, seen, or heard for the first time from beginning to end. I expect that I will be posting a blog at least a couple of times a week.

For those who have liked or expressed some appreciation for my posts on Facebook, I thank you very much. I would also appreciate any feedback or efforts to share this blog page with anyone else who may have similar interests. I also am eager to start a dialogue with a new audience as well.

I believe I have said what I have needed to in this introduction to this new schtick….or rather, a newer version of an old schtick for me.

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