A Movie Not Worthy Of Any Sort Of Obsession

“My Teacher, My Obsession” is a B movie that was released last year and stars Lucy Loken, Rusty Joiner, and Laura Bilgeri. Director Damian Romay had very little to work with in regard to talent and budget. Unfortunately, he is not one who is able to make stretch his meager resources very far to make this of much interest.

It’s a very old story. A handsome single father starts a new job at as a high school English teacher. The sexy psychotic student befriends the daughter as the teacher happens to start dating her mother.

There really isn’t much that works in this  movie.  The teacher, who is still reeling from the sudden departure of his wife, tries to be upstanding and moral, but the wiles of the obsessed teen-ager are a bit too overwhelming.

Bilgeri plays the troublesome teenage vixen, and it was somewhat interesting to see what she would come up with next to bedevil the hapless teacher, played by Rusty Joiner.

There was too much of this movie that was easily soluble to easily suspend disbelief.  The final scenes where Bigeri’s character really unravels mentally were mildly interesting.

It is only amusing to those who like to inflict these cheap B flicks on themselves. Actually, I did find it to be fairly amusing, and I can still say that I have seen worse. Still, you are probably giving yourself much more of a treat by passing this one up.

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