A Planet Where One Can Walk On Water…Cool!

“The Skin of the Sleek” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and stars Tom Baker and Lalla Ward.  Marc Platt, a long-time and frequent writer for the series, comes up with a planet where people can walk on water, but they better keep moving or they will sink, much like the TARDIS does in this story.  Sleeks are enormous electric eels that inhabit the rather unusual waters of the planet Funderell.  The more unexpected inhabitant of Funderell is a classmate if Romana’s from Gallifrey named Sartia, played by Joannah Tincey.

This one had some interesting ideas such as exploring Romana’s past and who she knew at the Academy on Gallifrey. Once again, Platt presents some imagery that can be a little hard to picture in the mind’s eye at times. He is a talented writer, and the performances of Tom Baker and Lalla Ward are too compelling to let that dampen my enjoyment of this episode much.

This story actually ends on a cliffhanger and will be concluded in the following release in the Fourth Doctor Adventures, “The Thief Who Stole Time”.

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