It Turns Out Kevin Hart Does Need Some Education

“Night School” is the latest comedy starring Kevin Hart with his old pal, Tiffany Haddish, along for the ride.  Malcom D. Lee directed this film in which Hart shares writing credit card.  It’s another typical fil where Kevin Hart seems to excel at being Kevin Hart.  He is pretty funny in this one for the most part, but audiences have seen this type of character from him many, many times before.  Tiffany Haddish also holds her own as the somewhat jaded but dedicated teacher. Her big screen credits are not quite as stout as Hart’s, but her performance does not seem to be a stretch either.  She is basically excellent at being Tiffany Haddish, which isn’t too bad. Both of the leads do have their talent and charm, but it would be interesting to see them do something different.

The rather pleasant surprise was that the cast of classmates actually had their moments where they weren’t overwhelmed by Hart’s somewhat bombastic performance. Rob Riggle was pretty good, but the rather surprisingly hysterical moments were from Mary Lynn Rajskub.  Her role of over-worked, under-educated homemaker, Teresa, was a bit of a comedic dark horse.  Of course, the whole business of her being easily overlooked made some of her scenes even that more amusing.

This really isn’t a masterpiece of cinematic comedy, but I thought it was reasonably entertaining, even if not every joke or moment landed all that solidly.

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