Errol Flynn Didn’t Always Swash His Buckle

“Green Light” is a 1937 medical drama directed by Frank Borzage. Errol Flynn is the lead in this one with Anita Louise and Walter Abel. The film is adapted from a novel by Lloyd C. Douglas.

Apparently, Flynn requested to star in a film where he was not sailing the high seas or engaged in some sword fight. He stars as a talented and well-liked surgeon who shoulders the blame when a colleague botches an operation which leads to the death of a generous and beloved patient.  Matters become more complicated when the daughter of the deceased patient arrives and is of course a beautiful blonde played by Anita Louise.

Flynn’s character, Dr. Newell Paige, is forced out of the hospital and decides to join a friend in Montana who is researching Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The romance in the movie seems a bit unlikely.  I didn’t find the noble Dr. Paige to be all that interesting. It was kind of intriguing to see Errol Flynn in a somewhat unfamiliar role and setting.

I looked it up and saw that the movie actually did well at the box office and was pretty well received by the critics.  I didn’t find it to be that memorable.  It seemed to go longer than the actual running time of the movie at times.  It’s mildly interesting at times but not consistently so.

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