“The Terror” Has A Good Cast But Not Much Else

“The Terror” is a film directed by Roger Corman and released in 1963.  It stars Boris Karloff, Sandra Knight, and Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson plays a French soldier who ends up separated from his squadron and encounters a mysterious woman who leads him to a castle where a Baron is seemingly haunted by a ghost attempting to convince him to take his own life.  The soldier learns of a twenty year-old murder and a pact with the Devil.

There is some beautiful scenery throughout the film and decent set design. Overall, this film is a bit of a mess as far as the story goes.  The performances weren’t good enough to keep my interest very consistently.

Although it’s amusing to see Karloff in one of his later performances and a much younger Jack Nicholson, this is a pretty forgettable film for the most part.

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