A World Of Eternal Night Awaits The Doctor And Friends

“The Dispossessed” is a Doctor Who audio play released by Big Finish Productions and is written by Mark Morris.  Sylvester McCoy returns alongside Sophie Aldred and Bonnie Langford.

The Doctor, Ace, and Melanie Bush find a portal to a world that has no daylight where an alien feeds on others’ life energy leaving them as walking husks.  The Doctor gets separated from his companions, as usual.  Mel and Ace do get to stick together throughout most of the story, which I thought worked pretty well.  Langford and Aldred make a pretty engaging team.

There is not much particularly remarkable about the story, but it still manages to be reasonably enjoyable.  The sound effects are well realized.  Nick Ellsworth seems to have a good deal fun as the stranded and powerful being known as Arkallax. I rather liked that the Doctor had a temporary companion in form of a character known as Ruck, played by Morgan Watkins. I usually find it interesting when the Doctor has to work with someone new to fill the companion role when he is either separated from his usual buddies or traveling alone.

It’s a fine story, but it doesn’t particularly stand out other for the most part.

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