“The Threat” Isn’t An Empty One

“The Threat” is a crime drama released in 1949 and stars Michael O’Shea, Charles McGraw, and Virginia Grey. A crime boss and murderer escapes prison and kidnaps a detective, a district attorney, and a nightclub singer.

Charles McGraw as Arnold “Red” Kluger is pretty convincing as he tries to collect on the heist that landed him in prison from his partner who had fled to Mexico.

Michael O’Shea plays the tough, honest cop who is taken along with the district attorney who managed to get Kluger convicted.

It’s quite a brutal movie for that era.  It’s also a pretty short film, which is fitting because this feels like a short review.

This release from RKO Radio Pictures is directed by Felix E. Feist and is not all that memorable for the most part.  I did not find it to be that awful, however I am not too likely to revisit it anytime soon.

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