The Doctor’s Got Mail

“Kerblam!” is the latest Doctor Who episode starring Jodie Whittaker in the title role. Kerblam! is an interstellar mail service that finds the Doctor in the time vortex and drops off a package.  The Doctor and her companions are intrigued when a request for help is within the package, and they travel to the enormous moon-sized warehouse to find the source of the plea.

This is one of the better episodes of the eleventh series of the revived Doctor Who.  It’s still not great, but it’s a little less preachy.  Pete McTighe is the scriptwriter and still doesn’t pull off anything particularly special with this contribution.  It’s not a complete wreck, but I am not expecting much of an improvement in the ratings.

Whittaker has some decent moments, but she cannot quite pull off the sense of authority her predecessors in the role could when the Doctor is threatening who she thinks is behind the mystery of the week.

The main cast are fine once again.  Bradley Walsh remains my favorite, but I found myself liking Mandip Gill’s character a little more.  Yasmin Khan isn’t really that bad, but she still feels somewhat superfluous when compared to the more interesting dynamic between Graham and Ryan.

It’s a better episode this time around, but not by much.

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