Sometimes Paradise Isn’t All That Great

“The Paradise of Death” was a five-part Doctor Who radio play written by Barry Letts that was first broadcast by BBC Radio 5 in 1993.  Jon Pertwee had returned to the role of the Third Doctor with Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen reprising their roles as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Sarah Jane Smith, respectively.  Richard Pearce joins the fray as Sarah Jane’s rather hapless colleague, Jeremy Fitzoliver.  Sarah wants to get in on a story of a startling death at a theme park known as Space World.  The Doctor is suspicious of an alien presence at the Parakon Corporation and ends up having to track down Sarah after she is kidnapped and whisked off across the galaxy.

I had some trouble with following this one.  It’s a bit of a mess as far as story goes, but it was great to hear the late Jon Pertwee in a performance I had yet to hear.  I read the novelization of this particular episode years ago, but this was my first time hearing it.

Pertwee did two radio plays playing the Third Doctor before his death in 1996. Hopefully I will one day be able to hear “The Ghosts of N-Space”.

This particular release is another that may just need another spin for me to follow it better, but I will probably still not count this as one of the better scripts.

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