A Widow And Her Handyman

“Beware, My Lovely” is a 1952 thriller that stars Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, and Taylor Holmes in a film directed by Harry Horner.  Mel Dinelli wrote the script which was apparently based on his own play entitled “The Man”.

Ida Lupino plays a widow who impulsively hires a handyman who has wandered into town.  Robert Ryan is cast in the role as the handyman known as Howard Wilton who has some serious mental health issues.  The widow finds herself trapped in the house with him and his schizophrenic delusions.

This is a pretty good one with strong performances from Lupino and Ryan.  The ending is a little peculiar but it works.  Ryan gives a pretty chilling performance and be quire disturbing.

The story has an interesting history of being adapted several times in different media, including as a radio play.  I would say this one not be one to miss for those of us interested in classic cinema.

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