Figure It Out Or Die!

“Escape Room” is a horror/thriller/suspense/whatever category one can throw this one film directed by Adam Robitel.  Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik co-wrote this somewhat familiar scenario about strangers being thrown together to figure out some complex puzzle before they are killed in some devilishly creative and complicated manner.  This time, the practice of escape rooms was utilized.  The film stars Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, and all kinds of other people I couldn’t quite place.  Nik Dodani was a cast member I somewhat recognized as the supposed expert on escape rooms.

In spite of the nonsense involved here, I was actually drawn into this film quite effectively. There was great set design and fairly interesting traps thought up for this latest collection of hapless and eclectic group of people.  The performances were pretty convincing even if the premise of the story was well beyond the realm of far-fetched.

There were few twists and surprise that I did not really see coming.  Like most films of this genre, it sort of stumbles a bit at the climax and end.

This isn’t quite the crème de la crème of movie making, but there were elements that impressed me.  It’s not a bad escape to the movies.

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