“Whistling In The Dark” Hits Some Bad Notes

“Whistling In The Dark” is a 1941 film starring Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford, and Conrad Veidt and was directed by S. Sylvan Simon.  It was based on a play by Laurence Gross.

The writer and star of a radio mystery series and his girlfriend are held by a cult leader/gangster while he comes up with the perfect murder so the cult can collect on some kind of inheritance.
This was supposed to be pretty comedic in nature, but I didn’t find much that worked all that well.  The cast was talented enough, however I didn’t find much that amused me.  It was interesting to find that this was the first in a trilogy of films to feature Skelton as a Wally Benton, who is the writer and star of some radio series called “The Fox”.  There just wasn’t much that didn’t come across as really all that original.  There weren’t any lines I found that memorable.

It was another film that seemed longer than the actual running time.

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