Maniscalco Can Stay Hungry And Funny

“Stay Hungry” is the latest televised stand-up routine with Sebastian Maniscalco at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  It premiered on Netflix a few days ago.

I have been trying to keep up with Maniscalco since I saw a previous stand-up special called “Why Would You Do That?”

Maniscalco has a wealth of comedic material from his upbringing in a family of Italian immigrants in Chicago.

He is also pretty adept at incorporating some impressive physical and facial contortions as he relates his exaggerated observations and anecdotes.

Maniscalco doesn’t entirely avoid the adult language, but neither does he rely on it too much.  He is a pretty recent father, so I look forward to hearing more about his impressions of that.  As usual, his own father is at the receiving end of his rapier wit, but I gather the old man loves it.  Maniscalco started off his set by revealing his presence at this particular show.

This is a pretty good special to get know the comedic talents of Sebastian Maniscalco.

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