David And Julie Would Be Perfect For Each Other Except He’s Crazy

“Only Mine” is a thriller on Netflix which was directed by Michael Civille. Amber Midthunder, Brett Zimmerman, and Chris Browning are included in the cast of this B movie.

This takes place in a small town where a young, somewhat reckless woman falls for the new police officer.  It turns out to be a basic thriller about an obsessive boyfriend with a badge and a gun.  It is apparently based on a true story, however it would be more accurate to note it as being inspired by a true story.  It seems quite a few artistic liberties were taken.  There is some Native American folklore sprinkled in this, which was actually rather interesting.

There was no one I really recognized in this piece, but the performances were not actually that bad.  This is by no means a beacon of masterful filmmaking, but it really isn’t the worse I have seen either.

The climax and ending was a bit hard to swallow unfortunately.  I will say the depiction of Officer David’s mental and emotional unraveling was rather well done.  The dialogue wasn’t all that inspired, but I have heard worse.

Amber Midthunder played the at first smitten Julie pretty convincingly as she starts notice that her new boyfriend may not be the charming and reassuring presence he appears in the beginning.

The film has the rather unusual and unnecessary presentation of a true crime program.  It also starts with a flash forward scene in which the bulk of the movie has to catch up to. It starts off with the character of Julie getting gunned down.

I am sure the fans of this sort of B film may find some elements to enjoy.  If someone is just curious to try this one out, I would say that they could do worse.

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