Another Ultimate Adventure For The Doctor

“Beyond the Ultimate Adventure” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions.  This episode is part of the Companion Chronicles and is a sequel to an adaptation of an old stage play entitled “The Ultimate Adventure”  Terrance Dicks once again provides the story as Claire Huckle and Noel Sullivan reprise their roles as Crystal and Jason, respectively.  Colin Baker fills the part of the guest actor as the Sixth Doctor. Typically the Companions Chronicles will have an actor who played the companion in the television series take center stage with another actor to play one of the other characters in the story.  The man himself returns as the Doctor, as he will hopefully do for years to come for Big Finish.

The Doctor and his friends are lured to a cosmic treasure hunt in which some old enemies appear along with a new adversary.  It actually has a more interesting story than its predecessors.  There isn’t much that really hits the bullseye as far as blowing me away, but it’s not a bad episode.  Colin Baker being there does help considerably, which is often the case if the script is lacking.  Huckle and Sullivan work well enough, but they would likely be more of an acquired taste if more adventures featured them.

Basically, my enjoyment of this one was pretty mild on the first run. I may appreciate it better when I queue this one up again.

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