Liam Neeson: Avenger!

I really hope that Liam Neeson hasn’t wrecked his career by his recent admission of hoping to kill a black man almost forty years ago  to avenge the rape of a good friend. He did acknowledge that it was a foolish and horrible desire to have, and he is right about that.

So this whole revelation came out a few days ago when Neeson was interviewed by a journalist for a British newspaper called “The Independent”.  Somehow he started speaking about an incident where a good friend revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by a black man.  Neeson then spent a week scouring the streets of wherever he was hoping to have a confrontation with a black man so he could kill him.  What makes this wish so pointless and tragic is that he was willing to initiate a fight with anyone, not necessarily the person who committed the rape.  Thankfully, Neeson came to his senses before any further violence came about but that’s a pretty dark place to be in mentally.  That’s saying something considering I don’t necessarily disagree with revenge in all cases.  I just think the guy who actually committed the evil deed should be the only one to be out down.

Neeson had a more recent interview with Robin Roberts this week on “Good Morning America” where he reiterated that he knows it was wrong to indulge such violent fantasies.  He expressed his regret which I think was sincere.  I do not know what Neeson was expecting in these revelations.  Everyone has embarrassing and dark moments in their past.  I may trust a few people with something like that, but exposing this to the public after almost four decades just seems so pointless.  If the guilt was becoming that extreme again for some reason, Neeson can afford some private therapy.  This does nothing to ease the controversy over racial matters. If Neeson wanted to merely show that he is a human being who struggles and makes poor, emotionally distraught decisions sometimes, anyone with some sense or understanding of people will know that he has lapsed, and probably pretty badly at times.

I hope that Neeson does receive some grace and forgiveness in spite of this terrible moment in his past.  I have enjoyed most of his films and hope to enjoy some more.  I am not sure “Cold Pursuit”, his latest film, is going to fall in the category of me enjoying it however.  I also hope that he realizes that he does not need to expose all of his past mistakes like that for absolution.  Some things can be handled privately between a close friend or with God, if one is a believer.  I am not certain of Neeson’s religious or spiritual position, but I know I need God when I want to fly off the rails.

As for the friend who was attacked in such a cowardly, obscene manner, I hope she was able to find some justice and some healing a long time ago.

I am glad that Neeson did not have the opportunity to follow through on his misguided intentions for revenge.  I am glad that he admits how wrong he was at that time. I also agree that one shouldn’t hold a whole race responsible for the atrocities committed by individuals.  There are people in every group, class, or ethnicity who are degenerates, as there are people in every group, class, or ethnicity capable of courage and nobility.

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