Even Hand Wash Can Be Dangerous In The 22nd Century

“The Gemini Contagion” is a Doctor Who audiobook from BBC Audio.  Actress Meera Syal presents this story penned by James Arnoff which features the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.

The Doctor and Amy arrive on the planet known as Vinsk where a new hand wash known as Gemini is about to be released.  However it contains something called a Meme-Spawn which is a peculiar organism which can make people fluent in every language.  That sounds like a useful gift, however it all goes quite wrong since this is Doctor Who. It’s up to the erratic Time Lord to sort out the problem before Amy suffers from the more virulent effects of Gemini.

Unfortunately, this was something to be shrugged off.  Once again, it is not a bad story, but I didn’t find much to be uniquely memorable.  Syal is a pretty good presenter though. The story was competently written, but not much more than that.

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