Madea Will Be Missed

“A Madea Family Funeral” is apparently Tyler Perry’s final cinematic turn as the formidable Mabel “Madea” Simmons.  All of the usual characters return with a few new ones.  An anniversary party turns more grim when there is a death that occurs in awkward circumstances.  Well, it would be more grim of this wasn’t a Madea film.

Madea also finds herself as a not so silent observer to all kinds of infidelity riddling what was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

Perry has announced this as his last film appearance as the gun-toting, quick-tempered matriarch of the Simmons and her various older relatives.  I just wish there was something to mark this as something unique in the series.  It just felt like I was watching another Madea movie.

Some scenes are quite funny, however other moments didn’t quite work for me.  The scene in the hospital waiting room with Madea slapping people around sounds ridiculous when describing, however I got pretty light-headed from laughing so hard at the one.

Perry’s writing is somewhat of a roller-coaster of enjoyment for me.  Some of the lessons or points he tries to convey are sometimes hammered in when a more subtle approach could have worked better.

I haven’t watched every Madea movie out there, but I do find myself a little melancholic about the thought of not having a new installment produced.

The movie was pretty fun in spite of the moments of incoherence in the writing.  If Perry does hold to his intention to give Madea a permanent rest, I will still be interested in whatever he works on next.  I just like the guy and hope he continues to do well.

As for the movie, it’s no worse than any of the previous ones, but it should have felt a little more special.

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