Kamelion Gets A Revival

“Devil in the Mist” is a Doctor Who audio play released by Big Finish Productions.  Cavan Scott is the author who was able to bring back the shape-shifting android known as Kamelion.  Peter Davison is joined by Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson with versatile voice impressionist Jon Culshaw joining the crew as Kamelion.

The Doctor, Tegan, Turlough, and Kamelion find themselves aboard a prison ship where the sole inmate known as Nustanu has the unique ability to transform into mist.  Nustanu is under the watchful eye of two alien guards who resemble the hippopotamus, however it all goes a bit wrong when they crash on a planet and the prisoner makes hi escape.  The Doctor suffers a grievous while Tegan is separated from her friends and has to contend with Kamelion.  Kamelion has the rather unfortunate problem of being easily influenced by the strongest personality nearby.  He was first encountered in the television serial “The King’s Demon” and met a tragic end in “Planet of Fire”. Big Finish has decided to provide some new adventures for the hapless android.

Simon Slater pus in an effective performance as the former warlord with the dangerous talent of transforming into mist.  Anjella Mackintosh and John Voce are the two guards, known as Orna and Rako, respectively.

This actually turned out to be quite compelling.  The Doctor coping with paralysis is not something that has been explored before.  Tegan gets a pretty good opportunity shine as well.  The realization of Kamelion was pretty well handled as well.  It isn’t surprising that Culshaw would do well.  He is quite the performing veteran and is well known for his uncanny impressions.

Davison is quite good as well in this one.  His chemistry with Fielding and Strickson has not waned at all.

It was hard to imagine aliens who resemble hippos in this one since there was not much of a voice modulation, but the twists and turns the story takes keeps me from minding that too much.

This episode is a strong start to the monthly range of 2019.

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