Two Kids On The Run Meet Billy The Kid

“The Kid” is a western film directed by Vincent D’Onofrio.  Andrew Lanham is the scriptwriter.  Ethan Hawke, Dane DeHann, Jake Schur, and Chris Pratt are part of the pretty impressive cast.

Jake Schur plays a boy named Rio who flees from a vengeful uncle with his older sister after killing his father who was in turn beating his mother to death.  Pratt plays the ruthless uncle.  He isn’t necessarily bad in the part, but I had some trouble buying it. Pratt just doesn’t look all that convincing as a villain no matter how much of scraggly heard he grows.

Schur is pretty good and carries the film well enough.  Leila George plays the older sister. Neither of these actors I am familiar with, but they seemed to be cast well enough.

Hawke takes on the role of legendary lawman Pat Garrett, who is known for ending the escapades of young William Bonney or Henry McCarty, okay…it’s Billy the Kid.  I was just showing off what I learned on Wikipedia.

The film has a talented cast, some competent camera work, and an interesting premise.  It just didn’t work for me all that much.  The writing was okay, but it was just okay.

It’s rather strange that I felt so underwhelmed by the film in the end.  One of the issues that I noticed that some of the scenes didn’t transition all that smoothly.  It took me a few more beats than necessary to mentally catch up to where some of the scenes were taking place, and I don’t think it was just me being slow on the uptake.

It ended up not being terrible when it’s all said and done, but it isn’t going to be one that stays in my memory for very long past the weekend.

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