An Ideal World With A Bad Attitude

“An Ideal World” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and is one of The Early Adventures featuring Peter Purves presenting another rendition of the First Doctor, since William Hartnell is no longer with us.  Ian Potter is the writer of this installment which also features Maureen O’Brien reprising her role as Vicki as well as helping out Purves with narration.

The Doctor, Steven, and Vicki find another beautiful world with lethal lifeforms lurking.  They also meet a group of human colonists who have traveled a very long way to seek out a new planet.

The guest cast includes Carolyn Pickles, Angela McHale, and Tom Stourton.  As usual they do a fine job of keeping up with the regulars.

I had a little trouble staying interested about midway through the story.  It was a competent entry into the range but not much really grabbed my attention and kept it locked in.

Purves still does quite well capturing the essence of Hartnell’s version of the Doctor.  In spite of my lack of enthusiasm for this particular adventure, my interest in this range overall has not waned at all.


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