Shhh! It’s Another One Of Those Kind of Movies

“The Silence” is a horror film that just premiered on Netflix this week.  Carey and Shane Van Dyke co-wrote this piece which was directed by John R. Leonetti.  The cast includes the Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, and Miranda Otto.

Some underground colony of prehistoric creatures that resemble pterosaurs are disturbed and emerge out into the open to feast and breed.  These things are blind and rely on sound to locate their prey.  Of course, there’s a family with a deaf girl who is quite adept on dealing with silence.  Stanley Tucci is the patriarch of this clan as they adjust to their new life as refugees trying to head north where it is determined these creatures are vulnerable to the cold.  Also John Corbett is in this playing the more obviously adept best friend at survival situations.

This is a mixture of familiar elements from other films such as the recent “A Quiet Place” and so forth.  It’s not terribly original, but it does manage to be somehow quite compelling regardless.  Tucci almost always has an engaging performance that somehow lifts even the most ill-considered of scripts into something at least tolerable.  There were some moments that gave me the creeps.  It’s not going to be considered any sort of classic, however I wasn’t too out by it.

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