Detective Erin Bell Has Unfinished Business That Could Destroy Her

“Destroyer” is a crime film starring Nicole Kidman, who is lacking much of her usual glamorous beauty in this role.  Tatiana Maslany, Sebastian Stan, Bradley Whitford, and Toby Kebbell are also part of the cast.  Karyn Kusama directed this film which was written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.

Kidman plays an LAPD detective haunted by an undercover assignment that went disastrously sideways.  She sees an opportunity to even the score with the ringleader of a gang of bank robbers she infiltrated many years before.  Detective Erin Bell has fallen apart in the years afterward.  She had a partner killed in that assignment.  A partner she had fallen in love with.

The film has some moments where it drags a bit, and some of the flashbacks were a little jarring.  It’s a gritty and somewhat depressing movie, however it was actually pretty well done for the most part.   Kidman changed her appearance pretty drastically for this role. This Erin Bell looks pretty rough during the present day scenes.

This film does take some pretty close attention to keep up with what time period you’re watching.  It doesn’t leave one with any warm vibes, but it was quite compelling most of the time.  I don’t know if enjoyable would be the right impression to express, but it is interesting.  Kidman was nominated for an Academy Award this past year, and I would agree that nod was well-deserved.

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