The Secrets Of Mr. Arkadin

“Confidential Report” is a film released in 1955 and is also known as “Mr. Arkadin.”   It was written and directed by the great Orson Welles who also stars as the flamboyantly wealthy Mr. Arkadin.  Robert Arden, Patricia Medina, and Paola Mari are also part of the cast.

It’s an interesting film.  Arden plays a small-time smuggler who happens upon a murder where the dying man mentions the name of Gregory Arkadin.  Arkadin hires Guy Van Stratten to piece together his own past due to him suffering from amnesia.  Van Stratten agrees to do it and starts interviewing people from the magnate’s past.  He starts to worry when the people he meets end up dead after their encounters with him.  Much of this story is presented as a flashback.

Welles, in particular, does well with such an eccentric and menacing part.  It has some amazing scenery since much of it was shot in Spain as well as France, England, and Switzerland.  It was well performed and had some pretty unique characters.

Classic movie watchers should make it a point to watch this if any haven’t already.

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