A Boy Learns What His Dad Keeps In The Shed And It’s A Killer Of A Secret

“The Clovehitch Killer” is a film written by Christopher Ford and directed by Duncan Skiles.  Dylan McDermott, Samantha Mathis, and Charlie Plummer star in this slow-paced thriller as well.

The setting is a small town in Kentucky that was once menaced by a serial killer known as the Clovehitch Killer.  The killer extinguished the lives of ten women before going underground himself a decade before.  Dylan McDermott plays the head of a devoutly Christian family who seems to have some darker impulses which are suspected by his teen-age son.

It’s an interesting movie but it moves pretty slow.  There were also soon loose threads in the plot that could have been resolved a little neater.  The performances were pretty good.  Charlie Plummer plays the young son who has a growing suspicion of his father’s previous depraved extracurricular activities.  He has an encounter with a young lady with her own reasons to be somewhat obsessed with Clovehitch.

McDermott was well cast in this one, however that is no real surprise.  He usually delivers a convincing performance.

There’s not much to make this uniquely memorable, but it was reasonably engaging.

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