The Summer Camp Invasion

“Rim of the World” is a sci-fi adventure film on Netflix where four kids who meet at summer camp are unexpectedly tasked with getting some important key to some scientist in order to stop some alien invasion.  It is directed by the oddly named McG from a script conceived by Zach Stentz.  Annabeth Gish was the only cast member I recognized.  The intrepid campers are played by Jack Gore, Miya Cech, Benjamin Flores Jr., and Alessio Scalzotto.  They are charming enough, but they can fall into somewhat cliché caricatures, especially Flores.

So these youngsters are at summer camp when aliens rudely interrupt their frolicking with invasion.  A astronaut makes an escape and crashes to Earth and entrusts some key to these kids so they can get it to the scientist who can initiate a satellite or something that could put a stop to the aliens.

The visual effects were pretty good, and I thought the creature design had some originality.  The main cast had some moments of charm, but those were a little too brief and intermittent.  There was a pretty touching moment when one of them had to get a crash course on riding a bike.  It was a bit improbable but somehow managed to work quite well.

It’s not a terrible movie and could be rather fun, but it is unlikely to stick in the memory all that long.

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