Another Haunting In Wisconsin

“Wraith” is a supernatural thriller written and directed by Michael Sajbel, who decides on a rather unusual genre to express his views against abortion.  Lance Henriksen is probably the only cast member most will immediately recognize.  Much of the film centers on a struggling family played by Jackson Hurst, Ali Hillis, and Catherine Frances. The family live in an impressive old house with too many rooms for a family of three.  The father is looking for work, and the mother is a writer not sure if her next work is going to be published.  Right when the mother learns that she is expecting her second child fourteen years after the birth of her first, strange occurrences are appearing in the house.  There’s a spectral girl running around uttering cryptic things.

It’s not a terrible idea for a movie, but it was cheaply produced.  I certainly don’t have any objection to the message that was ultimately conveyed about the option of abortion. It was kind of heartening to see someone attempt a piece of work that goes against the Hollywood culture.

It’s a basic B ghost movie.  The acting wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great.  I still think Henriksen has the best gravelly baritone though.  He plays a blind priest who ends up coming to the aid of the haunted family.

Anyway, a production such as this is likely to appeal to those who get a strange kick out of B movies, and for that particular niche, there are worse ones out there.

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