This Spiderman Is Not The Friendly Neighborhood One

“Abducted” is a thriller novel written by T.R. Ragan and introduces a traumatized private investigator named Lizzie Gardner.  When she was a child, Lizzie was kidnapped and held captive by a serial killer who liked to terrify his unwilling guests with venomous spiders.  She ended up calling him Spiderman.  Anyway, Lizzie escaped his clutches and grew up to be a tightly wound private eye with a lost love who turns back up in her life. It was thought that Spiderman was identified and imprisoned, however girls started disappearing again and notes are left taunting Lizzie.

There is not much here I have not seen in other detective series.  Lizzie is mildly interesting but a little too familiar.  This Spiderman character is a bit cartoonish. His motivation for his misdeeds lack a bit of creativity.  He believes he is purging society of troublesome teen-age girls or something.  Of course, he is playing cruel mind games with our intrepid, dogged Lizzie.

The prose style is competent but not all that compelling.  It was good enough to keep me interested to see how this whole played out, but I am an easy audience for this genre.  It ended up being a serviceable distraction but not much more.

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