Of Course The Pretty Girl Is A Killer

“My Sister, the Serial Killer” is a novel by Nigerian author, Oyinkan Braithwaite.  It is told from the perspective of a young nurse named Korede, who has a prettier sister with a fatal method of ending relationships.  Family loyalty compels Korede to protect her sister by hiding the bodies and cleaning the scene.  Ayoola is the name of the killer beauty.

Braithwaite is a competent writer, but I felt that not much was resolved when the book ended.  I did have some sympathy for the hapless Korede and her predicament.  It was interesting when the comatose patient she was confiding in wakes up.  Ayoola is pretty spoiled and does not seem to appreciate the risks Korede takes to protect her gruesome extracurricular activities.

The book ended up being mildly interesting but a little unsatisfying.  Maybe Braithwaite tends to visit these people again. Anyway, it was still pretty cool to read a novel taking place in a locale that I have yet to see or study.  There did seem to be a lack of revelation concerning Nigerian culture though. The book works well enough as a diversion, but it could have used either a more definitive resolution or a better stated promise of a continuation.

Cristopher L. Bennett has come out with a new Star Trek novel that explores the early days of James Kirk’s command before he took the chair on the USS Enterprise.  “The Captain’s Oath” is up next on the literary trek through life.

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