A Homecoming For Mags Gets Bloody

“The Moons of Vulpana” is a Doctor Who audio drama written by Emma Reeves and stars Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor.  This is the second adventure in a trilogy where he is accompanied by star-crossing werewolf known as Mags, played once again by Jessica Martin.  Beth Goddard and Peter Bankole are part of the guest cast. Of course, Big Finish Productions are the distributors with a vast and still growing collection of these adventures.

The Doctor brings Mags to her own planet of Vulpana in the distant past where the Four Great Wolf Packs each worship one of the four moons orbiting the civilizations.  Mags founds out that she is considered to be rather high born and worthy of embarrassing amount of respect, however there is a traitor in the midst, and the Doctor has his own plans as well.

This particular story takes a bit to get going.  There is also a good amount of time where the Doctor seems to get sidelined, which works well enough with some of the more established companions.  I am not sure I was that pleased with the decision since Mags is still quite new as a TARDIS crewmember.  Mags of course was first seen in the television story “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”, and someone at Big Finish Productions came up with the idea of learning of whatever happened to the punkish werewolf the Doctor and Ace first met as they discovered the secrets of the Psychic Circus.  It’s an interesting idea to explore, I suppose.  I don’t dislike Mags, but I am not all that enthralled with finding out her backstory.

Of course, McCoy’s performance and energy does help me find some enjoyment in this even if I found the story itself hovering around the average level.  In spite of my misgivings about this particular, I did get a bit more interested in the final episode when the family drama among the guest characters come to a head.

Anyway, this particular episode is a reasonably good diversion but not one I will return to in a great hurry.

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