Who Killed The Woman With The Tattoo? It’s Hard To Care This Time.

“The Tattooed Stranger” is a crime film released in 1950 about New York police detectives trying to solve a series of murders that begins with an unidentified woman with a distinctive tattoo.  Edward Montagne directed this not so much of a masterpiece written by Philip H. Reisman Jr.  The cast includes John Miles, Patricia Barry, and Walter Kinsella.  Jack Lord, who later starred in “Dragnet”, also has a minor role here.

There are a few interesting facts about this film that make it more interesting than the actual plot.  During that time, it was one of the few films shot on location in New York City.  There is a heavy emphasis on the forensics angle.  The detective played by Miles is actually a forensics expert.  Kinsella plays the mentor cop.  There’s a pretty girl whose knowledge of botany becomes important.

It’s unfortunate to say, but I had a hard time with getting interested in this one.  The acting seemed pretty stilted, which isn’t unusual for this era of cinema, however I noticed it a bit more this time.

The effort to depict some authentic seeming police work is appreciated, but the film just dragged at times. The film doesn’t have a long running time, but I couldn’t wait to reach the end of this thing.  I get where the filmmakers wanted to go with this, but it just couldn’t keep my interest in spite of my affection for this genre of film.

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