Some Blondes Not Worth The Trouble

“The Green-Eyed Blonde” is a drama film released in 1957 and directed by Bernard Girard.  The writing credit is sort of interesting.  A fellow named Dalton Trumbo wrote it under the name of Sally Stubblefield.  He was alleged to have had some Communist sympathies and was blacklisted by the Hollywood industry and yet was still able to provide some scripts under some pseudonyms.

The film’s cast includes Susan Oliver, Beverly Long, Melinda Plowman.  I really know nothing about anyone in this film, which could make this a little more interesting, however it didn’t really help me stay tuned to this one easily.

It takes place at some kind of girl’s reform school.  One of the residents turns up with a baby who is about be placed in foster care.  The girls led by the pretty and rebellious blonde decide to hide the baby in their dorm.  Oliver plays the title character, but the child does not belong to her.  She does have a boyfriend on parole, so I suppose that makes her somewhat compelling…apparently.

I am not sure of the popularity of this film when it was initially released, however I did not find this to be all that riveting.  There are a few somewhat interesting performances such as the sympathetic matron played by Sally Brophy.  The song that was performed over the credits was pretty dire.  Other viewers may find more value in this effort, but I was not that impressed when it was said and done.

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