Ace Needs A Hand

“An Alien Werewolf in London” is a Doctor Who audio play presented by Big Finish Productions.  Alan Barnes wrote the story the concludes the trilogy where the Seventh Doctor is accompanied by the space traveling werewolf known as Mags.  Sylvester McCoy and Jessica Martin are reunited with Sophie Aldred as Ace.  Jacob Collins Levy and Lara Lemon are included in the guest cast.

Mags is still with the Doctor when the TARDIS receives a summons from an old friend who is back on Earth during the 1990’s.  Ace has become aware of an extraterrestrial   being held captive and needs some help in liberating the visitor.  Mags and the Doctor soon learn that they are not the only visitors from the stars as an ancient dark presence known to the Time Lords also emerge from the shadows.

As ominous and overdramatic as all this seems, it actually is a fairly light-hearted episode in the series all things considered. It’s not exactly a slapstick, but it does showcase McCoy’s comedic skills quite effectively.  He sort of plays a dual role as well since the captured alien is a shapeshifter.

It was a pretty engaging episode, but it does run into some obstacles in the presentation that seems typical of audio dramas.  There are some flashback scenes that are sometimes a little hard to follow.  Not all the of the action sequences are easy to imagine, at least not in the first listen.

One thing that caught my ear was the distinctive musical score.  I don’t notice the score usually, but this one caught my attention for some reason and in a good way.

Barnes is typically a solid writer and this one is no exception.  It was pretty fun to see some aspects of the Seventh Doctor that are explored infrequently in this series.


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