Mike Banning Has To Get His Wings Back

“Angel Has Fallen” is the third action film to feature super duper Secret Service Agent Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler.  It is directed by Ric Roman Waugh, who also co-write this thing alongside Matt Cook and Robert Mark Kamen.  It’s the follow-up to “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen”.  Morgan Freeman returns to the role as now President Allan Trumbull and gives the film the benefit of his reassuring presence in spite of a somewhat incoherent storyline.  Jada Pinkett Smith plays the part of an FBI agent who is trying to sort out the mess after an attempted assassination on the president which ends up getting pinned up on Mike Banning.  Nick Nolte shows up as Banning’s weird survivalist dad.  Piper Perabo is also there as the worried yet supportive wife.  I had forgotten until I checked later, but she took over the part originally played by Radha Mitchell.

It’s a pretty fun movie to sit through if one can forgive the plot holes and general silliness of the whole thing.  The action scenes are pretty good and compelling.  Banning as a character isn’t too bad to follow.  I like Butler well enough to stay with him in most movies though.

There is nothing terribly special or memorable about this particular movie, but I couldn’t bring myself to really dislike it either, so I guess the that’s a fair accomplishment for the studio.

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