Rambo Has Another Rampage In Him

“Rambo: Last Blood” is directed by Adrian Grunberg and stars  Sylvester Stallone, who also co-wrote the script with Matthew Cirulnick.  Vietnam War veteran John Rambo has been running his father’s old horse ranch with an old friend and her granddaughter.  The granddaughter runs off to Mexico to confront her deadbeat dad and gets herself captured by a Mexican cartel.

The film also stars Paz Beltran, Adriana Barraza, and Yvette Monreal alongside all kinds of other people.

If this does end up being the last film, it’s not a bad way to wrap up the franchise.  It’s a very different setting for the usually nomadic Rambo.  I sort of .like the idea of him settling down and finding a threat to his adopted family to rouse that vengeful streak fans love so much.

It’s a pretty gruesome film.  Stallone has entered his seventies, but he almost pulls off the action scenes as convincingly as if he were a younger man.  Stallone probably waited a little too long to do this film, but it wasn’t overly overdue.

There are enough interesting character moments to keep this from seeming too goofy.  But it does have some fairly ludicrous moments nonetheless.  There was just enough sentimental moments and competent action scenes to make it worthwhile.

Well, the film works as a decent send-off to a popular cinematic presence, but not  much more than that.


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