If I Could Have Your Attention Please As 2020 Kicks Off

So I have been writing this blog for over a year now.  I usually review movies, books, and Doctor Who as they I see, read, or hear them for the first time.  It has been pretty interesting to see the few reactions to get.  I hope my reading audience will grow unto something more than a dozen or so people, but I will keep up the practice anyway. In review of what I like to do with this blog, I tend to comment on movies I have seen for the first time.  I am trying to watch more classic films I have yet to see such as The Godfather or Raging Bull. I know…how can I still missing out on those? That will eventually be rectified.  The thing is that there will be some reviews of older movies or books that I have yet to ever experience.  I also will be keeping up on current output from studios and publishing houses as well as best they can.  I do still have a full-time job.  This blog evolved out of a practice I had on Facebook of writing quick thoughts about whatever I had seen or read.  I figured out how to use WordPress, but I could stand to learn more about how to maximize the benefits there.

As 2020 begins, I am considering also trying to post more frequently and will do more to include reactions on various stories in pop culture and perhaps in the political arena as we are coming up on another presidential election.  I also will need to take time to read and study other bloggers in order to find ways to make improvements in my own efforts.  This blog is mainly about finding ways to finding my voice in expressing the things that interest me and adding to the conversation.  I don’t necessarily want to get into contentious debates, but I will defend my thoughts vigorously if I find the counterpoint or response stimulating enough.

I am coming up on three hundred blogs written this past year.  I hope to be even more prolific and with a bit more variety as well.  Happy New Year!

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