Doctor Who Audio Review: Return To The Forge

Project: Nirvana is a Doctor Who audio drama presented by Big Finish Productions, that well known supplier of such entertainment.  This episode was released in 2012 and is part of the range known as The Companion Chronicles.  Cavan Scott and Mark Wright are the writers with Ken Bentley back in the director’s seat.  Maggie O’Neill and Amy Pemberton are Big Finish original characters Captain Lysandra Aristedes and Private Sally Morgan and share narration duties.  The special guest performer is none other than the Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy.

This episode also brings back the organization known as the Forge, which was introduced in Colin Baker’s Big Finish episode Project: Twilight.  The Forge had some similarities to Torchwood in that they collected alien equipment left behind in all of the invasions foiled by the Doctor or by some other means.  The Forge had a much more ruthless outlook on how such finds were to be employed.  I rather miss the Forge which was under the iron grip of a leader code named Nimrod.

Anyway the Doctor, Aristedes and Morgan find that a dangerous creature has been let loose, and they must do something about it.

The alien in this one isn’t a bad idea.  The actors all did fine as they usually do, however I didn’t find that actual story to be all that enthralling.  I didn’t find it to be all that terrible either.  The story had some interesting moments such as when we find a younger version of Aristedes on the scene.  The creature has some interesting psychological effects on the heroes.  The episode was competently written and very well performed, but it still felt a bit middle of the road.

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