Book Review: A Lot Of History In A Small Country

Ireland: 1001 Things You Need To Know is a very comprehensive guide to the Emerald Isle written by Richard Killeen. There is a lot packed into this thing. It’s not a hard read, but the prose style is not all that eye-catching. It does cover quite a lot of different aspects of Irish culture and history. I was a little surprised to notice that Bram Stoker is not included in this volume. It does make me wonder who and what else may not have gotten a mention that others would assume would be noteworthy. For anyone interested in Irish culture and history, this book does well enough in that exploration, but I doubt it should be considered some kind of definitive resource.

Since this looks like this will be one will my shorter blogs, I will just move on and announce that my next reading indulgence will be Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. Hopefully there will be a little more to share once I finish that one.

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