Book Review: Even Holmes Has Dues To Pay

The Devil’s Due (A Sherlock Holmes Adventure, Book 3) by [Bonnie MacBird]

The Devil‘s Due is the most recent Sherlock Holmes novel written by Bonnie MacBird. It take place in 1890 London at a time when anarchists are lurking within the city. A series is troubling murders has the attention of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Holmes figures out that a number of philanthropists are being killed off in alphabetical order. A loved one of the victim soon follows them to the grave. Things have changed for Holmes in that Scotland Yard is now being run by a new commander who has little appreciation for his deductive abilities. A journalist is also indulging in his own vendetta against the consulting detective. The case hits a more personal note when it appears that Mycroft Holmes may be on the list of potential targets.

Out of the several Sherlock Holmes pastiche writers, MacBird is one of the better ones. I enjoyed this novel since it did seem to remain pretty faithful to the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle created Sherlock Holmes, just in case someone frightfully ignorant of classic and popular literature reads this blog.

I ended up enjoying this latest installment in MacBird’s series. I did find that the ending was a little more far-fetched than what is usual in even a Sherlock Holmes story. In spite of that, I was pretty engaged in the story. I want to make note of a character MacBird invented for this novel who I hope turns up again. The sixteen year-old street urchin known as Heffie was pretty cool. She is a sassy, tough sometimes agent of Holmes who has singular talents of finding out much needed information at the time. Holmes was sometimes employ a group of street orphans known as the Irregulars. Heffie seems to be even more productive. Anyway, it was rather fun when she turned up throughout the novel. There is girls’ school connected to all of this, and Heffie infiltrates this place at the behest of Holmes and finds out all kinds of dastardly deeds going on. MacBird is pretty good at throwing out many threads in her novels for Holmes to follow and they all get tied up rather neatly when the adventure is over.

The novel isn’t really flawless, but it was solid enough for to enjoy another new story featuring Mr. Holmes of 221B Baker Street and the good doctor who chronicles his escapades.

Next up is another continuation of a popular mystery series that was extended after the original author’s demise. Robert B. Parker’s Boston tough guy, Spenser, is back and still under the care of Ace Atkins in Angel Eyes.

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