Doctor Who Audio Review: Vampires In Scotland

Doctor Who: The Scent of Blood: 8th Doctor Audio Original

The Scent of Blood is a Doctor who audiobook from BBC Audio and is written by Andrew Lane. Dan Starkey performs the reading and is quite good.

A journalist in 1890’s Edinburgh named James MacFarlane has a line on vampires possibly lurking in the streets. He encounters a mysterious known as the Doctor on a hunt of his own.

This is an adventure featuring the Doctor in what is commonly considered his eighth incarnation, as played by Paul McGann. The script is solid but not really all that remarkable. What is remarkable is how well Starkey imitates McGann’s vocal mannerisms. Starkey does not do a perfect impression, but he does hit it well enough to imagine how McGann would say the lines. I liked the setting and time period even though the Victorian age is visited often in Doctor Who. It’s an enjoyable enough of an effort from Lane, but nothing that will stay in my memory for very long.

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