Animated Film Review: Hush, Little Bat

Batman: Hush is Getting an Animated Movie | DC

Batman: Hush is an animated superhero film that was released in 2019. Justin Copeland is the director with Ernie Altbacker providing the script. It is based on a graphic novel written by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. Jason O’ Mara provides the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The cast includes the talents of Jennifer Morrison, Geoffrey Arend, Chris Cox, Jason Spisak, and Rainn Wilson. Oh yes, Jerry O’Connell plays Superman. Superman and Lois Lane show up as well. It’s actually quite a carnival of villains and allies of the Dark Knight.

A new villain is stalking the streets of Gotham manipulating some of Batman’s other enemies to kill him. The new guy in town, Hush, also seems to know the Batman’s other identity. In the meantime, Batman and Catwoman decide to try out a committed relationship of sorts. Everyone from the series is there. We get to see Poison Ivy, the Joker, a glimpse of the Penguin, the Riddler. Also, Superman and Lois Lane turn up. Superman and Batman have to fight it out yet again before they become buddies again.

It’s kind of a fun script though. The performances were fine. I thought O’Mara made a pretty good Batman. The animation was serviceable but nothing remarkable. A couple of fight scenes were pretty good. Hush has a secret identity of his own, which is not surprising, because who would name their kid Hush?

Anyway, this animated film isn’t for the little ones. There are a couple of gruesome murders. Overall, the idea is interesting, but there did seem to be too much of an effort to cram all of the favorite bad guys in a fairly short film. For some reason, I rather enjoyed seeing Superman in this one. There was kind of an amusing banter between the two caped do-gooders.

I enjoyed this particular installment in the Batman animated films for the most part.

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