Book Review: Four Corpses In A Limo

The Museum of Desire is a suspense novel written by Jonathan Kellerman. It is one of the recent installments to feature Dr. Alex Delaware once again helping out Lt. Milo Sturgis of the LAPD. The title does seem like something one would view on late night Cinemax, however it is not that perverse. The story will not make for good bedtime reading for the little ones though, as is the case for most Kellerman works.

The good doctor is asked to give some thoughts at a rather unusual crime scene in which four homicide victims are posed inside a limousine, and none of them seemed to have been connected to each other in life. Once the victims are identified, the other clues start to come to light. Anyway, there is an art gallery in the center of this whole gruesome business.

The basic premise is pretty intriguing, but there are times that the journey to the truth drags a bit. I guess that is the way it goes in real homicide investigations, but it can get a bit irritating in a crime novel. It is actually Alex’s girlfriend that provides a ,major clue, which was kind of cool. I have read a lot of this series, and I was a little less impressed with this latest addition to Delaware’s case file. Kellerman is a reliable writer, but this series could use a little shot in the arm. I am not sure what that should look like. Anyway, The Museum of Desire was not as desirous as I hoped.

I am no cook and likely to become one, but I am going to get some culinary insight from the late Anthony Bourdain with his autobiography, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

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