Book Review: Lost In The Delta Quadrant Again

Star Trek: Voyager: To Lose the Earth

Kirsten Beyers continues to exploits of the crew of the USS Voyager in her latest Star Trek novel entitled To Lose The Earth. Voyager has returned to the Delta Quadrant with a group of starships knows as the Full Circle Fleet. Lieutenant Harry Kim is assigned to the USS Galen. He and his girlfriend are trying to keep their daughter alive in an incubator. A mysterious device has hurled the Galen across the galaxy. Fortunately, Kim has gone through this before. Meanwhile, Admiral Kathryn Janeway and rest of the Full Circle Fleet have other mysteries to solve on a planet which may explain the origins of Species 001 and their relationship to the Borg. So, there is a lot to unpack here, but you will have to read the novel to see if any of this makes sense. It would also help to be familiar with the overall series.

Beyer has been writing in this range for a while now. This particular novel is pretty interesting for a variety of reasons, although it can seem a bit repetitive considering another ship is now cut off from the rest of Starfleet. This is another installment that is fairly good but just stops short of feeling unique because of that sense of being there before. It was pretty cool to see Kim in command though while the Galen captain was incapacitated. Kim was the youngest of the main characters in the series, so his growth did seem rather natural. He is also dealing with a good amount of crisis in his personal life as well. Some things will change quite a bit if the series goes forward in this novel range, and I will likely be keeping up with it.

Next, I will return to a series I have just recently started reading. It was not long before I was curious enough to check back in with game warden Joe Pickett and his family with C.J. Box’s Savage Run.

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