Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Feels The Heat

Doctor Who: The Flight of the Sun God: 6th Doctor Audio Original

The Flight of the Sun God is a Doctor Who audiobook released by the BBC. Nicola Bryant reads this adventure which was penned by Nev Fountain. If this were a full cast audio, it would stay Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, but it just has Bryant reading it to us. She has a pleasant enough voice, so it works.

The Doctor and Peri arrive in the far future aboard a spaceship known as the Sun God. For some reason, the big cheese in charge, Spaulding Revere, has set the course so that the ship actually runs into the sun taking a group of executives with it. The Doctor and Peri get separated. She encounters robot cats and a guy with head of a beetle who ends up being an ally.

It’s a strange little tale, but it is Doctor Who. There is not much terribly remarkable in the plot, but it is fun. Bryant does a decent job of capturing the spirit of this particular Doctor’s rather bombastic tendencies. It does seem that there have been one or two other stories which features a ship heading toward a sun. Also, there is another overly ambitious tycoon at the heart of the problem. Some of the motivations for these shenanigans did not appear all that clear. Fountain at least does a pretty competent job with this one though. Bryant makes this rather more enjoyable with her rendition of the story. She is able to recreate the banter between her and the Doctor even without Colin Baker being there, but I still prefer when they perform together.

It’s not a bad addition to the vastness of Doctor Who lore, but it also falls short on being all that memorable.

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