Doctor Who Audio Review: Magnox Has Some Answers

The Minds of Magnox is a Doctor Who audiobook published by BBC Audiobooks. It is written by Darren Jones and performed by Jacob Dudman. It is part of this multi-platform saga entitled Time Lord Victorious.

This adventure features the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant, although Dudman is actuallt standing in for Tennant. He is known as being able to give some quite uncanny impressions of the recent Doctors, although he may have a harder time if Big Finish or BBC Audiobooks tries to have him impersonate Jodie Whittaker.

So the Doctor has a question and thinks that some big brains on the planet Magnox can provide an answer. He is somehow accompanied by Brian, an Ood assassin. Anyway, the Doctor encounters a bit of tyranny while Brian is recruited into some criminal association.

Although Dudman is quite a talented narrator and performer and does a pretty decent Tenth Doctor impression, the story was a pretty average entry. The Ood being a companion not as compelling as the author seemed to think. The story does not stand out as being all that terrific or all that terrible. It just feels like it’s kind of there. Anything more said about it would feel too much like rambling, so I will leave it there as well.

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