Doctor Who Audio Review: An Illicit Time Experiment Will Have The Doctor Make A House Call

Slipback - Wikipedia

Slipback is a Doctor Who radio play that was first broadcast by BBC in 1985. Eric Saward is the writer. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant star with the aid of a guest cast which includes Valentine Dyall, Jon Glover. and Jane Carr.

The Doctor and Peri arrive aboard a huge spacecraft where experiments with Time are being conducted. Of course, the Doctor is not too pleased to find this dangerous intrusion taking place.

This was something I have never heard before, although I knew of its existence and I do have the novelization. It’s actually pretty good with solid performances from both Baker and Bryant. The story may not have the most original premise for this series, but it works well. I have said that Colin Baker’s version of the Doctor was rehabbed by Big Finish Productions, but BBC Radio may have actually accomplished that first.

Anyway, this turned out to be a pretty enjoyable addition to the ever expanding Doctor Who collection.

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