Film Review: Sasha Inherits A House And Ghosts In Ukraine

The Inheritance (2021) – B&S About Movies

The Inheritance is a low budget supernatural horror film that takes place in Ukraine. It is written and directed by Chad Barager and Kevin Speckmaier. The small cast is led by Natalia Ryumina and Nick Wittman.

It’s a somewhat typical haunted house story. A young woman inherits a big, foreboding house in Ukraine from her estranged grandfather. She and her husband fly out to handle the property and get it ready to sell. However, there are strange whispers and shouts with various bangs thrown in that keeps Sasha awake. The husband starts acting oddly because he is apparently keeping his own secrets. Sasha learns of some family history along the way that could explain the restless spirits. We’ve seen this play out before in every other film of this genre.

Although there is not much that I would call original and groundbreaking, there are some moments that provide a few appropriate shivers. I did watch this alone in my house on a Friday night, so I had the right atmosphere to make this a bit more compelling. The performances aren’t too bad. The dialogue was not glaringly unrealistic for a ghost story anyway.

The story did have one or two little somewhat unexpected moments, but not enough to stand up and applaud the filmmakers for any sort of cinematic ingenuity. Overall, the movie works well enough for me to not be overwhelmed with regret over the time spent watching it, however it’s nothing I can recommend with enthusiasm either.

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