Book Review: Hope In Edinburgh

Kiss Her Goodbye is a crime novel by Allan Guthrie which was published in 2005. This is one of the installments from the publishing company known as Hard Case Crime.

Joe Hope is a working leg breaker collecting debts owed to his loan shark buddy Cooper. Hope is in a rather hopeless marriage and has a complicated relationship with his daughter. The daughter ends up dying of a drug overdose, and Hope’s wife is murdered quite brutally. When Hope finds himself accused of the murder, his priorities have to be readjusted. He is not the easiest of men to like, but even Joe Hope deserves to know the truth of what has happened to his family and why.

The story takes place in Edinburgh. There is quite a bit of cliché in the characters presented. It’s mildly interesting to have a bruiser like Hope as the protagonist, but there is not much in the story that is all that gripping. I made it through since it isn’t a difficulty read, but I doubt I will find it that memorable.

Next up on the reading agenda as this year winds down is a new adventure with an old favorite. Dr. Alex Delaware and LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis delve into the coldest of cases with Jonathan Kellerman’s Serpentine.

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