Doctor Who Audio Review: There Is No Peace On The Planet Comfort

The War to End All Wars is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions. It is an episode from the range known as The Companion Chronicles. Simon Guerrier wrote the script which has Peter Purves reprising his role of Steven Taylor. This audio play was also directed by Lisa Bowerman. Alice Haig is the guest actor playing the role of Sida, a young woman who listening to a story that influenced Steven to give up his throne some years after he left the Doctor to help rule a world that needed a firm yet compassionate ruler.

Steven tells the story of the TARDIS taking him, the Doctor, and Dodo to a world they learn is designated Comfort with an unending war, which is a rather uncomfortable irony. The Doctor has disappeared, and Dodo and Steven are forced to fight in a war that seems to have no cause. Steven learns that the war is part of a cruel system where victory or defeat is impossible.

This is one of the better episodes in this range. Purves give a pitch perfect performance here. His interpretation of the First Doctor, originally played by William Hartnell, is quite compelling as usual. The Doctor doesn’t appear all that much in this story, but I was impressed enough with Guerrier’s skill here to not sweat that much. Guerrier basically weaves two stories together because the audience learns that Steven was no longer a ruler, but there is an interesting twist to what would be his present day circumstances.

Guerrier has contributed a lot to Doctor Who and has plenty of Big Finish plays under his belt. He is a steady, interesting writer anyway, but this episode really showcased his talent and imagination a bit more than the rest. Well done, Simon Guerrier and Peter Purves!

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